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Although located in Spokane, Washington on the eastern side of Washington State, four hours from Seattle by car and on the Idaho border, the Jazz Guitar Society of Spokane reaches guitar students from all of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Oregon, and Western Montana. We have over 150 member guitarists and an additional 450 non-member guitarists who occasionally attend our classes and events. Our total extended internet reach is estimated to be around 10,000 guitarists and jazz enthusiasts. We fly in acclaimed jazz guitarists from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and even Europe to Spokane to teach and play. Each artist stays for the greater part of a week and teaches private lessons, teaches a large class or workshop, and performs at a local venue with local sidemen. We provide weekly classes for beginning jazz guitarists and monthly events for our membership in addition to the world class guitarists we bring in every other month on average. Our membership consists of guitarists of all ages and abilities, from junior high school jazz band guitarists to middle aged and retired guitarists, some of whom have finally found time in life to pursue their interest in jazz guitar. 

We charge no dues to members and there is no obligation. To join, a guitarist need only send an e-mail with their name, phone and e-mail and then attend one event. All events are put on by private donations and corporate sponsorships and any proceeds go directly from the attendees to the performer. Our mission is to bring in to Spokane the very best jazz guitarists alive to teach our local guitarists at a reasonable price, usually much less that what would be charged in NY or LA by the same artist.

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